The Dream Team

Community and Mastermind of
Former Pro Athletes and Entrepreneurs.
On their journey to become the world’s most inspiring leaders.

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Welcome to The Dream Team

We are a team of highly conscious former pro athletes and entrepreneurs on the journey to become the world’s most inspiring leaders. The unique leader who joins The Dream Team integrate “two” worlds– the highest spiritual path with the highest leadership and business. Knowing there is no real separation between these paths, as there is no real separation between Self and world.

People who join The Dream Team are inspiring leaders who dedicate their lives to creating a business, humanity, and world based in love, service to humanity, and expanding the world’s consciousness. We are here to awaken you to your limitless nature and potential in life, business, and leadership.

Are you one of them?

I Know You. You have secret gifts, and you sometimes hold yourself back…

  • You are a deep thinker. So much that you overthink instead of taking action many times.
  • You care deeply for others. So much that you hold yourself back from saying your truth.
  • You want to make an impact. Just an income doesn’t fulfill you and resting on your past accomplishments is a low bar for you.
  • Everyone trusts you. Everyone! Yet you only keep your real self to very few people and you secretly wish you had some you could trust as much.
  • Many people appreciate you and you are most likely the best teammate or leader in the room, but you never feel like you really belong anywhere.
  • You are intuitive, knowledgeable, and creative, but forget to trust yourself and follow them.
  • Despite your track record, self-doubt hurts your confidence about reaching the next level.
  • And despite your past success, you sometimes fear “what’s next?”

I know how it feels so I created the Dream Team for you. We are a team of former pro athletes and entrepreneurs who are inspired to thrive in both life and business, be a force of good in the world and live in joy, peace, and freedom. Together.

About Me

My official titles say that I’m a former pro basketball player, I served in the special forces, and I was the captain of my U24 national team. I’m an entrepreneur and a coach to former pro athletes and entrepreneurs who are on their journey to be the world’s most inspiring leaders.

What my clients say is much more meaningful:
“Gilad helped me step into my full potential as a leader who inspires and empowers my team.” Steve Kapple.
“Since working with Gilad, my business had the best period we ever had and I worked less then I ever worked!” Tim McGill.

“Gilad is the embodiment of love.” Daniel Christofferson.

Join a Dream Team

It is a tight community of inspiring leaders who wake up every day to thrive, grow, and have each other’s back for the rest of their lives. Just like any dream team, members of this community are curated one person at a time, by invitation and referral only.

3 Spots Available for August 2022


  • 12 months commitment.
  • 90-minute group sessions twice a month over Zoom.
  • Unlimited support. Whenever you need it.
  • 2-hour 1-on-1 deep coaching session with me before the program to craft what you would like to accomplish.
  • You will have a personal Board of Directors to support you with every decision.
  • Private group chat for ongoing support from me and your Dream Team teammates.
  • Resource Center – all meetings will be recorded and available to watch at any time so you can stay on track even if you missed a meeting.

We have a high bar for our members. The Dream Team is for you if:

  • You are willing to get uncomfortable, you are willing to be vulnerable, and you are willing to be messy.
  • You take leadership in a team and you have a track record of being an extraordinary teammate.
  • You are committed to being the most inspiring leader you can be in both life and business.
  • The team can count on you to be there for them, no matter what.
  • You are coachable and willing to be challenged.
  • You are kind and respectful to all human beings.
  • You want to belong in a powerful community.
  • You are fun!

“I’m able to know and measure when I’m not
functioning from my most optimal self.”

Luis Hernandez

Founder & CFO of Lasso Safe, Former Athlete

“Working with Gilad reinforces that anything else is

Mark Holmes

Former Pro Basketball Player

The Dream Team is a place where dreams come true.

On a regular basis.

But here is the catch. I’m not interested in you taking this journey with stress, sacrifices, self-doubt, and a lack of freedom like most people do. You are not like most people and I’m not like most coaches.

I’ll help you create joy, peace, and freedom at every moment without conditions and limitations in your life and business. This is what I do best.

If you commit to showing up powerfully, I promise you that it will be the best investment you have ever made and the most rewarding journey you have ever taken. I’ve been there myself and I see it with my clients, again and again, so I’m very comfortable giving you my word for it.