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Episode 17 – Starting with Ourselves

In Episode 17 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Sifu Rafael talks about mindset, success, love, compassion, and understanding. Sifu Rafael is an entrepreneur, mental game coach, as well as a fitness and martial arts coach. As an advanced mental game coach, he has helped thousands of people elevate to a higher level of consciousness. He works with individuals, groups, and businesses to help them find clarity, purpose and an understanding of who they really are in the world. Many consider Sifu Rafael a guide and mentor.

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Episode 16 -Rewired for Joy

In Episode 16 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Bob Russo talks about business, spirituality, and removing the barriers to living a joyful life.  Bob Russo is a life coach, mentor and guide. Everything he does is geared toward elevating consciousness, one person at a time. His practice is deeply rooted in his understanding of human beings and integrating that with a connection to all things spiritual.

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Episode 15 – Transitions

In Episode 15 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Gertraud Eregger & Maya Karni, joins Gilad to interview Maya Karni, Gilad’s mother. Together they explore childhood, their shared experiences, and their dreams for the future.

Gertraud’s core work is focused on women in leadership, global careers, and life transitions. She studied leadership across cultures and has worked with executives in international NGOs.

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Episode 14 – Living Fully

In Episode 14 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Sasha Dingle talks about the intersections between meditation, mindfulness, being present, and success. Sasha is the founder and director of Mountain Mind Project. She is a qualified mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher from the UCSD School of Medicine.

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Episode 13 – Coachability

In Episode 13 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Jake Weiss talks about human behavior, sports, and the importance of being coachable. Jake Weiss is an organizational psychologist and former Division 1 soccer player at the University of Central Florida. He is the President & CEO of Coachability Consultants, Inc. His evidence-based company partners with teams and organizations across industries to develop highly coachable, agile, and high-performing employees, athletes, and cultures. He is energized by translating concepts from the organizational environment to the sports context (and vice versa).

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Episode 12 – The Art of Flow

In Episode 12 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Tutti Taygerly creativity, leadership, performance, the art of flow and surfing. Previously, Tutti was a design leader at design firms, startups, and large companies including Disney and Facebook. She supports CEOs and tech leaders to embrace their unique leadership style to achieve professional impact. Tutti’s new book, Make Space to Lead, shows high achievers how to reframe their relationship to work.

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Episode 11 – The Heart of Coaching

In Episode 12 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Sohail Pedari talks about diversity of thinking, kindness, and coaching from the heart. Sohail is a leader in search of the promised land who led a multimillion dollar sales organization at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in 2015 as the global director of sales for MEA & India prior to embarking on his coaching journey.

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Episode 10 – Listening to Our Bodies

In Episode 11 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Ford Dyke talks about the human experience, the nature of consciousness,  and how our bodies communicate with us. Ford Dyke is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Kinesiology, specializing in the subdiscipline of performance and exercise psychophysiology.

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Episode 9 – Success & Adeventure

In Episode 10 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Erik Seversen talks aliving life to the fullest while also achieving at the highest levels. Erik Seversen has lived an amazing life! From hitchhiking from London to Central Africa to living with a remote indigenous tribe in the Amazon to building and selling businesses, Erik has forged a path filled with extreme adventure and success.

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Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin: @nicolathost

Episode 9 – Body, Mind, Spirit

In Episode 9 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Daniel Christofferson talks about helping people heal their body, mind and spirit to reach their highest potential.  He is the founder of the Holistic High Performance clinic in Seattle, WA, which focuses on energy medicine.

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Instagram: @holistichighperformance
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Twitter: @holisticLMP

Episode 8 – Unlocking Potential

In Episode 8 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Tony Martignetti talks about purpose, inspiration, and experiencing a higher spiritual connection. Toni is a trusted advisor, entrepreneur, idea generator, and people connector.

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Episode 7 – Joy & Fulfillment

In Episode 7 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Nicola Thost about how to bring joy into everything we do to have a more fulfilling life. Nicola is a passionate outdoor athlete who loves to share her joy of creating her very own PATH and understanding of a fulfilled life.

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Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin: @nicolathost

Episode 6 – Overcoming Obstacles

In Episode 6 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Josh Perry talks about fears, visions, purpose, and spirituality. Josh is a former pro BMX athlete, multiple brain tumor warrior, speaker, optimization strategist, and high performance coach with a mission to empower others to believe they are much more than their circumstances. He is the creator of the YouTube series “Quest To Progress.”

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Episode 5 – Leadership & Vulnerability

In Episode 5 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Luis Hernandez. Luis has been a professional figure skater for close to 30 years, is a 6-time national champion and a world competitor. His extensive experience in sports has inspired him to dedicate his existence to bringing forth a stronger and more positive culture in sports for generations to come.

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Episode 4 – Transformative Living

In Episode 4 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Leon VanderPol talks about transformative living. For the past twenty years, Leon has devoted his life to personal development and spiritual transformation. Today, he is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of transformational coaching and transformative living.

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Episode 3 – Jacob Pacheco

In Episode 3 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Jacob Pacheco, a content creator, entrepreneur, model, speaker, and professional surfer who has adapted to life with cerebral palsy talks about  empowerment and optimization. His energy, enthusiasm and powerful style of speaking resonates with the audience so they ‘feel’ the moment.

Connect with Jacob Pacheco:
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Episode 2 -Kurt A. David

In Episode 2 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™,  Kurt A. David, is an Emmy award-winning TV host and producer, international speaker, and former professional athlete. Among Kurt’s many inspiring projects are his TV show, “From Glory Days,” featuring former professional athletes and his “Purpose Summits.”

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Episode 1 – Adam Andrasko

In Episode 1 of Success is a State of Being Podcast™, Adam Andrasko, chief executive officer at USA Artistic Swimming describes himself as incredibly idea oriented and gets joy from developing new ideas. His two most inspiring projects are being a father and changing the culture of USAAS.

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