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In years past, I was a professional basketball player and also served in the Israeli special forces. But despite those external achievements, I was always seeking more and more success in external measures, thinking success was something outside of myself that would happen in the future. It led to stress, exhaustion, anger, frustration, and judgment.

Over the years I’ve learned that success, freedom, joy, and fulfilling life are much more simple than we think. It doesn’t require military toughness, an elite athlete’s competitiveness, or any fancy tricks.

It simply requires awareness and a conscious choice to keep focused, being true to oneself, connecting with our purpose, and practicing our values with every thought, word, and action. It is the understanding that each of these contributes to something greater than ourselves. And I believe we all want to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us.

We all face challenges and hardships in our lives. These hardships test us and challenge us to grow, although it can seem like we are free-falling. It is easy to become frustrated, fight, close our hearts, be stressed, doubt ourselves, lose connection with ourselves and others, and be judgmental. I know how easy it is because I’ve been all of these many times in my life. It’s an easy way to live a tough life.

I discovered that you have the potential to transcend the limitations of your mind, beyond all judgments and conditions, beyond fear and self-doubt. It is within your capacity to live in joy, peace, and freedom in the present moment and be neither afraid of nor conditioned by anything. The key is to understand this potential and make a conscious choice to live in this way, to fulfill the ultimate purpose and potential that’s innately within you.

I understand the challenges visionary leaders face when working through unfamiliar adversity, which is why I’ve been able to help dozens of entrepreneurs, executives, pro and former athletes to unlock their full potential since 2015. I am based in Seattle, WA and work with clients worldwide.

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Luis Hernandez

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“Success is a State of Being. It is not a mindset, nor another accomplishment or trophy, but a moment-by-moment experience. You do not seek to achieve success as much as you seek to experience it. We can only experience something in the present moment, yet most people try to find their success in the future. Dissatisfaction, lack of performance and purpose, stress, and self-doubt result from conditioning success as an external future-based event. We use goals and achievements to bring us this successful experience and the joy, peace, and freedom we desire. However, the way to experience them is not through external measures but through overcoming your own limitations, conditions, and judgments; these are the only measures to experience your success, your life, and yourself. Each of your limitations, conditions, and judgments are taking your successful state of being away. Every time you overcome one of them, you gain a level of success you have never experienced before.”